Staff Tribute Program

Imagine an idea that recognizes the important contributions that teachers and staff members have made this school year as well as provides new educational opportunities not available through the current school budget and saves you time and trouble.

That’s what our “Staff Tribute Program” does!

You may wish to show your appreciation by offering a gift at holiday times or at the end of the school year to a special teacher or support person. And while these genuine gestures of thanks are appreciated, please consider an alternative…a gift in the name of that special staff member to the RVEF’s Staff Tribute Program.

Your gift will be recognized by the Foundation and the staff person will be awarded a certificate in your name.

But that’s not all!

Your tax deductible gift will be returned to the students in your school in the form of “Classroom Grants” available and awarded to teachers and support staff to implement new and innovative educational programs.

The Rondout Valley Education Foundation (RVEF) was established to attract alternative funding for innovative and creative programs to enhance the over-all educational experience for our students, and this is one of the ways we can help direct funding to areas of need.

The Rondout Valley school administration, the RVF and the PTA organization of each school have endorsed this program and hope you will consider it too.

Staff Tribute Information Letter

Staff Tribute Donor Card