Our Mission

Mission Statement

RVEF Mission Statement:

The mission of the Rondout Valley Education Foundation is to enhance the educational opportunities for the children of the Rondout Valley Central Schools, in partnership with the larger community.

To provide funding for student-centered programs and facility needs beyond the scope of the school’s annual operating budget.

To support and enhance the educational opportunities for the students of the RVCSD.


  • To seek alternative sources of funding to support educationally-related opportunities for students.
  • To award grants to students, teachers and educational service providers.
  • To build an endowment for continued service to the school community.
  • To encourage greater involvement in and support for the School by the community, parents, alumni, the private sector and others.

Rondout Valley Education Foundation
    The tradition of community support for education in our area dates back over 50 years when forward-thinking community members envisioned the formation of the Rondout Valley Central School District (RVCSD). They realized that the quality of life in a community is directly related to the quality of its educational system. In keeping with that tradition of community support and visionary thinking, and recognizing that current funding methods sometimes fall short of providing all that the community wants for its students, the Rondout Valley Education Foundation (RVEF) was established to provide alternative funding to enhance educational opportunities for the children of the RVCSD.

Incorporated in November 2005 the RVEF will award grants for projects that will:

  • Serve as a catalyst for the development and promotion of innovative educational opportunities;
  • Enrich and expand students’ cultural and intellectual experiences.

The Foundation is funded through Grants, Donations, and Fundraising events.