First group: Eileen Camasso Superintendent 2005-2009; Doug & Barb Davenport & Family; In Loving Memory of Eddie Kowalski; In Memory of Sandra Durcan Hornbeck 1994; Barbara Vertucci 3rd Grade Teacher; James Vertucci 42 Years of Service; 2010 Rosendale Elementary Staff & Alumni; 2010 Rosendale Elementary School Rocks; John D. Donlon; Family of Lloyd & Helen Taylor; Jessie Gifford Class of 2015, In Memory of David & Freida Lang; Schoonmaker Grace and Clifford Sr.; Chad Miller & Lauren Kosack Married 8-6-11,Compliments of Rondout Valley Veterinary; Congratulations Class of 2013 RV Vet Assoc; Best Wishes Class of 2011 the Redmonds; Best Wishes Class of 2012 the Redmonds; Great Students Great School O’Hallorans; Pine Grove Ranch & Resort Good Luck; Van Gorder’s Auto Body Best Wishes; Jarvis Fuel Best Wishes Class of 2012; Rosario Agostaro Superintendent; Neil Hassett 1965-2011 Class of 1983; Emmanuel Keukjian 2011; Sommer Family Susan 1965 Stephen 1968; Nancy 1969 Leslie 1975 Laura 1978.

In the second group: Michele Donlon; Timothy Wade, PSY.D.;Debra Kosinski; Keith A. Ayers Class of 2002 NHS 1983-2010; Lawrence D. Matson 1984; Robert M. Matson 1989; and Edward F. Matson 1991; Carl F. Gauss B. 4/30/1777 thanks Mr. Lee; Andy Lutz a great mentor class of 1970; Michael Denkensohn RV Class 1968; DebraDenkensohn RV Class 1970; Sheri Denkensohn RV Class 1985;Esther&Charles Denkensohn RVConsolidated, John Tegeler RVHS Class of 1969, In loving memory of Tom Tegeler, Jesse Cobb V-Football Co-captain 1999, The Gander Inn, In memory of Shawn Robinson, Vincenzo and Gabriella Agostaro, In memory of Chris Gilliland Love RVFH, Best Wishes Class of 2013 the Redmonds, Best wishes Class of 2014 the Redmonds, In Memeory of Sgt. Shawn M. Farrell II Army, Chuck Cable & Linda Burger 1964 Mar08 1963.

In the third group: E. Robert Fuhr Principal 1958-1993; Carol Fuhr Teacher 1957-1994; Margaret Carro Elem. Teacher 1950-1984; John L. Bowman Extraordinary Principal; Heidi Blythe Salutatorian Class of 1991; Wendy Lutz Salutatorian Class of 1992; Barbara Jones Music Teacher 1975-2010; Mary G. Lee Friend of Kids Thanks Mary!; Prof. L.R. Matson Born to Teach Thanks Bob!; Rondout Valley Lions Club We Serve;Harvey Davis Teacher Friend Husband Father; Donald Gilmour RVCSD Employee for 38 Years; In Memory of Chris Sullivan 1983-1998; In Memory of Jamie Shaw 1992-2000; A.J. Gotc. tesman 9/1930-5/2012 RVCS 1958-1985.

In the fourth group: Harold C. Ross Teacher Coach RVCS 1950-1984; 2017 Laura Ayasse Life Is Good!; Bonnie Ronk-Schlosser Rondout’s Angel; Thank You Mr. Robertaccio SJS ’65; Mr. Bilyeu Math Teacher 29 Years; Caroline Gerner Class of 2010; Susanna Gerner Class of 2013; Henry Hauser Class of 2013; Lydia Hauser Class of 2015; In Honor of Anita W. Peck Service to RVC; Robert Cook RVHS Principal 2013-2019 RVEF

Fifth Group: Remembering the Great Class of 1969; Damian Bradley Class of 2020 #Goingplaces; Oates Family-Kay Faculty-Jane 1964; Edith 1965-John 1968-Elizabeth 1972; Emily Flynn Class of 1997; Sean M. Becker Class of 2002 USMC/UCSO; Taylor Family-Robert 1969-Nancy (S) 1969; Kyriel 1997-Katiri 1999-Kodin 2003; Penny Kunz Friend Artist Student Advocate; In Memory of Carmelita Vasquez 4/23/20; Ron Mapstone RVD IA Teacher 1961-1990; Waruch Family-Jon ’88-Matt ’21-Olivia 2024; Cole Family-Becky’91-Cate ’29-Delaney 2022; In Memory of Ernie Williams Custodian 22 yrs; In Memory of Robin Carrol 29 yrs; In Memory of Shania Hitchcock 31 yrs; In Memory of John Nichols 10 yrs 

Sixth Group: In memory of Shania Hitchcock 31 years; Mathew Waruch 1600m. Sch. Rec. 6/2/21 4:35.38; Love & Devotion Forever Chuck & Rosi; Kevin Archambault Live Your Art; Katherine Reynolds Class of 2022; In Memory of Michele Palmer Gr. 5 Teacher; Carol A. Sturm 1949-2022 “Let Evening Come.”; For You Cliff Schoonmaker Jr. From Bonnie ZW; James M. Ayers Math Teacher 36 yrs 1966-2002; In Honor of Nate and Sadie Friedman; Barry Friedman Kerhonkson ’60; Richard Friedman RVCS 1964; Suzanne Friedman RVCS 1969; Whendi Friedman 1975