Dear RVEF,

Thank you all so much for supporting this work with our students! The first project was awesome. The 3rd grade children at KES were very excited about the Animal Habitat design challenge from it’s introduction all the way through to the end. The supplies that were funded by the RVE allowed them to achieve their goals in ways we hadn’t seen in the past.

Like may things that are happening now, there is a lot of uncharted territory in education. For us, with the help of the RVE, Project Based Learning in a hybrid learning environment can happen. By supplying the same basic materials to each student, we can close some socioeconomic achievement gaps. The students working on this project were able to engage with the research, design process, and learning without the hurdle of access to material or the judgment that sometimes occurs as a product of economic diversity.

The teachers and the Principal, Jackie VanNosdall are very proud of what the students have achieved so far with your support and we look forward to accomplishing more.

Thank you again for everything. The RVEF always serves a critical role but during these challenging times you are tryly giving wings to our students’ dreams.”

Stephen Protoss
Kerhonkson Elementary School

Photograph of Animal Habitat design challenge
Photograph of Animal Habitat design challenge